Bridget Marrs

The most exciting part of being owner of Behind The Scene Consulting (BTSC) is the opportunity to be my whole self. I get to utilize all the experience gained over the last ~25 years as a teacher, a supervisor, a fundraiser, and an associate for the world’s largest retailer.   

Unlike any of those roles, BTSC gives me the opportunity to do it all. I get to use my passion for numbers and process and people. I am no longer a small piece of a big company! 

The most important part of my whole self is being a mom. We (my son, three rescue pups, chickens and I) live in Bentonville and are blessed to have family close. I love to read, drive my Jeep (with the top down and no doors), and volunteer. My volunteer hours this year have been spent at the Samaritan Community Center. From providing food to school supplies to services, they are an inspiration! 

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